Although men are not as afraid of aging as women, with age growth, to 4, 50-year-old men are apprehensive about their smooth looks. Then the same age people show several years older.
Age is a killing knife. We can not stop the body deformation and fat, but we can be dressed through the dressing, refuse greasy and cheap clothing, to shape a more stunning and stylish image. Although, there is no denying that there are indeed some clothes that come with a sense of age, which 4, 50-year-old middle-aged men try to avoid, especially the following three kinds of “old man shirts,” even if you do not have the anxiety in terms of looks and body, it is also challenging to manage!
1. T-shirts that are too loose or too tight
As the T-shirt is the most representative of the essential items, many people in the selection of models ignore the choice of shape, thinking that as long as it is a T-shirt will be versatile. This idea is very wrong!
Most middle-aged men are more or less blessed, and the tight T-shirt is too close to the body, making it easy to expose the body flaws so that the belly is nowhere to hide, fat, and greasy. Remember to avoid. Secondly, many people have been brainwashed by the idea of “loose and thin” dressing, thinking that the looser the T-shirt, the more “meat” it can cover.
The T-shirt is too loose to widen the visual, easy to affect the body proportion of the presentation, fat and short and sloppy; if the body type is thin, wearing this T-shirt will give a “can not support the clothes” feeling.
2. Too many patterns, too complex polo shirt
The polo shirt itself bears the title of “fashion insulator” the style is formal, easy to wear, and looks too severe, so the selection of models should do their homework.
The polo shirts with plaid, stripes, color blocking, or too bright colors should be avoided. Too many elements on the clothes, easy to increase the sense of visual oppression, tacky and rustic, especially in the case of floral polo shirts, the high saturation color scheme plus the elements of decoration, the proper “old man shirt” both senses. The average middle-aged man is complicated to master. Therefore, it is recommended not to try quickly!
3. Fancy floral shirts
Many people think of a relaxed holiday style regarding floral shirts, but others also say it is an “old man’s shirt.”
The floral shirt is designed to have a youthful aesthetic, and the fancy design can create many different fashion looks, but it’s not very friendly to middle-aged men and can quickly look greasy when worn. Secondly, it’s not easy to wear a floral shirt. Especially for middle-aged men who lack dressing knowledge, it makes it more challenging to match, and if you don’t wear it well, it will quickly reveal your body flaws and age, making you look fat and old!
To sum up.
1.T-shirts, try to choose a form-fitting version, wear it quite stylish; if the body is solid or fat, you can choose a larger than the standard size of the style, more shapely.
2. Polo shirts are best to choose low saturation of solid color system, reducing the difficulty of matching, can meet the needs of different occasions wear.
3. Middle-aged men wearing shirts try to choose a solid color or striped elements of the style, more wearable temperament, and taste!