After reaching middle age, the overall state of men will also undergo some changes, psychologically becoming more mature and stable. As for the appearance of words, most middle-aged men will be blessed, slightly greasy. Therefore, middle-aged men need to pay extra attention in terms of dressing!
Older men shouldn’t dress inappropriately! The “all black” is easy to show old and vulgar; “all flower pattern” will be too fancy, you can try the following three kinds of dressing, simple and not fancy, handsome and stylish but also significantly age reduction!
1. T-shirt + jeans, handsome and stylish and show young

When a man reaches middle age, don’t blindly catch up with the fashion, to learn to wear “net red clothes” with young people, easy to give people the feeling of “clothes wearing people”, and their age is a too strong sense of incongruity. Instead, it is recommended to try some essential items, such as T-shirts with jeans, two fashion industry “evergreen” items, where it does not look greasy. For a more stylish look, try jeans with small rips, which are more complex to highlight than traditional styles. Add trouser chains and sunglasses for a slightly American street style that will make you look younger than your peers.
2. shirt + trousers, to meet the needs of a variety of occasions dressing
The key is to be versatile and meet the needs of different occasions. For example, shirts and trousers, two formal-looking, but also can wear a sense of fashion casual single product, combined either daily or in the workplace can be managed. You can also add silk scarves and sunglasses to enhance the fashion sense of styling. Of course, the choice of version can also be relaxed thinking, a little loose white shirt with wide-legged trousers. The overall open feeling to modify the body, but also to bring out the simple, spontaneous dressing atmosphere, with black shoes and sunglasses, the upper and lower colour echoes help to enhance the sense of styling layers, cool and handsome.
3. Flower’s pattern shirt + shorts, fresh and comfortable 
When it comes to flower’s pattern shirts, many people’s first impression is that they are a bit fancy and greasy, but as long as you learn the correct way to match, middle-aged men can also wear fresh and not smooth. Following the principle of “combining simplicity with complexity”, the flower shirt is layered with a white T-shirt and the bottom half with solid-coloured sports shorts so that the overall look is not too fancy and has a sense of hierarchy. Of course, the printed shirt can also be paired with suit shorts, “the upper body casual, the lower body formal” way of dressing, not to show old and not to play young, very suitable for summer wear, fresh and stylish, but also play an excellent cooling effect.