In many people’s opinion, if a man wants to become handsome, he only needs to rely on his hair, clothing and how to match it, but this is not the case. Shoes are also an indispensable part of styling.
Shoes are a detail that many people tend to ignore, but they directly reflect a man’s temperament and taste. Whether it’s “high class” or “greasy”, it mainly depends on the “shoes” he chooses. Especially for older men, if shoes are not picked right, it is easy to reveal age and look greasy.

1. Why is it not recommended for middle-aged and older men to wear leather and bean shoes?

The style attributes of leather shoes and beans shoes are powerful. They are formal shoes which require a high level of styling. Leather shoes can quickly reveal your age, and they also look greasy. Many people think of leather shoes as a symbol of a man’s sophistication, but they overlook that leather shoes should also be worn for different occasions and not as everyday shoes.
Leather shoes require strict clothing matching, and if an older man wears them as an everyday shoe, he will either look pretentious or quickly reveal his age and greasy.
Moccasins, on the other hand, are too fussy and look cheap if not worn well. Moreover, the moccasins originate from the West, so for Chinese men, it’s tough to wear them as elegant and advanced as Western men. In addition, in China, moccasins are considered to be the favourite of “spiritual guys” middle-aged and older men are relatively lacking in knowledge about fashion dressing, and wearing bad moccasins instead looks cheap and easy to pull down the temperament.

2. Middle-aged men wear these three kinds of shoes, fashionable and age reduction

To avoid modelling old, it is recommended that middle-aged and older men try to choose some “ageless” shoes, do not pick age and style, wear up can also play the effect of age reduction.
Sneakers have a robust, sporty attribute, giving people an emotional and energetic feeling. Therefore, it is easier for middle-aged and older men to wear these shoes to enhance their energy, reduce their age and be stylish.
They are also available in a wide range of styles so that you can choose according to your aesthetic preferences and style, and there are no limitations to how you dress.
Skateboard shoes
Most middle-aged and older men choose to wear simple clothing, and Skateboard shoes are a perfect match for this type of clothing, as they are simple, lightweight and comfortable, so you can’t go wrong with them.
Take the classic white Skateboard shoes, for example, with a beige jacket and jeans. Yet, the overall look is clean, fresh and not greasy, looking years younger than people of the same age.
Canvas shoes
Many people feel that canvas shoes are too cheap for middle-aged men, but they are not, as they have an excellent age-defying effect and can reduce visual age.
And the dressing is not limited to casual clothing. Even with a suit is also very stylish, mix and match style modelling to show not awful fashion taste.
Finally, no matter how old you are, don’t neglect every detail of your look, especially the choice of shoes, which is not only the finishing touch to the overall look but also affect your temperament and taste!