Forty years old is a crucial age for Feng Shui, and after 40 years, the older woman is in the experience of the years and has an emotional life experience. It is in such a critical age stage, so in the dressing with more attention, pay attention to, so through the dress to enhance their fashion, stable temperament.
For women over 48 years old, the dressing should focus on “quality”, “quality” rather than “quantity”! So you don’t have to buy too many clothes, these “3 skirts and 3 trousers” is enough, versatile and good-looking!
The woman who is running four in the start of the single product does not have to buy too much personality, unique style, for such a particular age of women, with fashionable femininity, through the classic style of the single product can easily temperament full of sense, but also not lose the stability, elegance of feeling!
Next, I will start with the classic “3 trousers and 3 skirts”, to bring you the temperament of the woman who is suitable for the fourth, go to understand it!

1. Pants

No.1 Jeans
The classic and versatile jeans must be an essential item in a woman’s wardrobe, and the general public also loves the material of denim for its “wearable” and “warm” characteristics. Of course, in the vibrant spring and summer season, you can’t go wrong with blue jeans that are youthful and energetic.
Light blue jeans: the upper body shallow washed blue jeans, whether with high heels or flat shoes, are good-looking, just different styles and different temperaments to wear them. Although jeans always give people a neutral feeling, the blue type is unexpected with a “gentle” character, even with a suit, but also can be intellectual, feminine full of oh!
The jeans with holes: the jeans with holes will be more than the general style of a sense of individuality and increased skin area, but also very suitable for fairies in spring and summer to manage, fashionable and cool. For women on the go, it is not advisable to have too many holes in the design, but a random spot in the trousers will do, which is easy to manage and makes the outfit more exciting.
No.2 Leggings
Fashionistas love the latest casual style, and there must be something that matches this style: “leggings”.
Grey sweatpants: The tops of the sweatpants are casual and comfortable, especially the most classic grey-legged sweatpants, which come with a relaxed vibe, even with a formal blazer, but also with an open feel!
Pink sweatpants: sweatpants of this kind of single product colour, a variety of colours, including pink sweatpants, is very good, this bright colour and spring and summer atmosphere perfect fit, and ageing effect is very good! The design of the leggings makes the overall look slimmer and avoids the outsized impact perfectly.
No.3 Suit Pants
As part of a suit, blazers have the same classic feel and plasticity as a blazer, so whether you wear them as a set or on their own, they are very stylish and look great! The ladies can also choose the blazer style according to their leg shape or lower body characteristics.
Straight suit trousers: straight style suit trousers, that is, the trouser barrel straight trouser type, the upper body of this type of trousers will be able to trim your lower body is very competent and stylish, with a suit jacket is to enhance the aura, the queen model full! The sassiness and competence at the same time let the fairies easily hold any formal occasions.
The wide-legged suit trousers, whether you are o-legged, x-legged, or short thick legs, can be perfectly covered, and the material of the fall is also excellent. If you choose the high waist style, there is a tall and thin role.! The main reason is that you can wear a wide-legged blazer, which is a great way to cover up meat.

2. skirt chapter

No.1 slit skirt
The slit skirt is a skirt with a slit design. The addition of this design allows the skirt to close the hem, more than a slit to enhance the personality of the dress at the same time can also be appropriate to enhance the skin area, visually give people light and eye-catching visual effect, you must not miss!
Silk slit dresses: silk in slit dresses can make the overall shape more noble, celebrity feeling, and such a unique material is a sense of seniority, casual with a pair of high heels can wear a sense of celebrity! The slit part of the skirt also presents the legs of the fairies as if they were hidden, full of femininity!
Leather slit skirt: The silk slit skirt is noble and elegant, while the leather slit skirt is more of a sophisticated, avant-garde feel, giving a very individual and dynamic feel to the upper body, and also generally in black, which shows an apparent thin effect and can easily manage any spring and summer tops.
No.2 Pleated skirt
The pleated skirt must be the favourite of many women. These skirts are unique, with a good drape and a chic pleated texture, and they are also exquisite and charming when you walk around.
Brown Pleated Skirt: A brown pleated skirt is great for women who like a more subdued style. This colour has a vintage atmosphere, showing a bit of Hong Kong style temperament and a sense of fashionable avant-garde. Hence, a brown pleated skirt with the inclusion is also extremely strong, casual with a blazer. You can instantly dress up.
Irregular pleated skirt: the dark pleated skirt is calm, then light pleated skirt has a perfect effect of ageing, light colour highlighting the vitality, sunshine atmosphere, and then join the avant-garde and unique irregular design, but also instantly enhance several fashionable degrees so that the dress personality while at the same time eye-catching effect is perfect.
No.3 A-line skirt
The A-line skirt is a skirt with a shape similar to the letter A. This type of shape is very inclusive of the body, so no matter what kind of body you have, you can show off your best body shape by wearing an A-line skirt. The short A-line skirt is elegant and sharp, and the larger skin area it presents is an excellent way to avoid the bloated effect and make the whole look a lot lighter.
Mid-length A-line skirt: The mid-length A-line skirt is a great way to trim women’s figures and just the right length to cover up the flesh on the legs, with an apparent slimming effect. The dress can also be worn with the top tied into the skirt, highlighting the waistline and adjusting the body’s proportion.