The most effective way to control oil-Skincare bloggers and cosmetic formulators strongly recommend !

The most effective way to control oil-Skincare bloggers and cosmetic formulators strongly recommend !

There are two main reasons for excess oil:
One is that you may be born with more oil, part of the oil can not be emulsified into synthetic sebum film. Another situation is that there may be no change in how much oil your skin gives, but short-term skin health problems, resulting in part of the sebum, can not be due to normal metabolism emulsification into sebum film. So most people will appear before not oil, at some stage suddenly become very oil. So why summer a lot of people give oil to be met more? Its main reason is high summer temperature, bringing about sebum fluidity enhancement. Sebum fluidity is vital when the temperature rises. So the face feels to be able to feel very oil and unavoidable can feel on the face sticky.
So, to sum up, there may be more oil in the skin for the following reasons:

1 Genetically programmed to produce more oil all the time than others;

2 Environmental changes, temperature rise, leads to increased sebum fluidity, the skin will feel more easily oil;

3 Skin health problems lead to normal sebum that can not be emulsified into sebum film; skin oil is just a symptom.

Then let’s talk about how to solve the oil problem. The correct way to solve the problem of excessive oil can start from the following three aspects:
Can moderate oil control:
Many people think that using all kinds of toner is oil control. But in fact, the amount of oil controlled is the composition. For example, common ingredients such as alcohol and witch hazel extract stimulate short-term skin contractions and provide a temporary feeling of clarity. But from the long-term effect, or recommended to choose to contain retinol, nicotinamide, and other oil control, anti-fat overflow components. In addition, acid components such as fruit acid and salicylic acid can also accelerate skin keratin metabolism, help dissolve the corner plug blocking pores, improve pore blocking problems, and prevent blackheads and acne problems.
Don’t neglect moisturizing:
Many people say oil is the first thing to think of water. Old friends should know I’ve said it many times: whether you’re dry or oily, there’s no need to be obsessed with “hydrating.” “Hydrating” doesn’t solve the problem. What works is moisturizing. When moisturizing a lot of oil, the skin will be very repellent, constantly worried about clogging pores and acne. The skin has a particular self-regulation ability, and when the skin becomes less moisturizing, it produces a stress response that causes the skin to secrete more oil.
Conversely, if you moisturize your skin with a moisturizer, it will signal to your skin that it’s hydrated enough and doesn’t need to produce more oil. Therefore, skin also needs moisture. So when oil is present, moisturize appropriately. Before, I also had some friends’ feedback that I was a significant oil skin, but after using face cream at night, I got up the following day and produced less oil.
As for product choice, you can choose the product with less fat and less oily gloss. But, of course, if you are used to using a variety of very light and light texture products, you may need to change your product habits first. Just because it feels fresh doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

Using physical methods to “absorb oil”:
In addition to moisturizing and controlling oil, you can also use physical “oil absorption” methods, such as oil absorption paper and powder. Oil-loving partners can use powder oil control reduce the skin surface’s greasy feeling. In addition, there is always oil absorption paper in the bag, which is also an effective way to suck oil. Loose powder is also a good choice. The main component of powder is talcum powder, mica, and other absorbent components, mainly through these components absorb excess oil on the skin surface.

Proper cleaning:
 For oily secretion of exuberant skin character, the choice of too mild cleansing products is not meet the cleaning needs. Facial cleansing can choose compound surface-active agent products for night cleaning skincare or pure amino acid surface-active facial cleansing during the day. Please note that solid cleaning products, such as some men’s special cleansing, cleansing soap, etc., are too strong. Long-term use will cause skin cuticle damage, may lead to abnormal skin oil secretion, and the number of oil increases instead. So this kind of cleaning product also needs to be used carefully. Regular deep cleaning is one of the effective ways to clean up the accumulation of old waste horniness and oil on the skin’s surface. You can use a mud mask to absorb oil quickly and control the oil skin care effect.

Appropriate oil is a good thing; grease itself is the skin’s natural protective layer, but what things are exquisite degree. However, too much oil on the skin not only looks dark and yellow but not good color; the key also quickly leads to blackheads, pores, and even acne and other problems. So oil control has become a summer course for each oil skin and mixed oil skin.
The truth about hair care! You can save a lot of money after reading this article!

The truth about hair care! You can save a lot of money after reading this article!

Many people wish they had shiny black hair, but some people’s hair looks smooth, while others look frizzy. Every woman wants to be beautiful. Hair is essential. Let’s see how to maintain it. Many people often change hairstyles and often dye perm hair. If you ignore the maintenance of hair, it will severely damage our hair quality. Hair colorants contain many chemicals that affect our hair’s quality and cause some damage to our scalp. Because the number of dyeing hair perm more, our hair quality will become very poor, and many people are distressed, so we must learn to maintain hair skills.
Quality is terrible is prone to dry hair, bifurcate, knot and so on a series of problems, especially in the morning brush their hair, tie the most prone to the phenomenon of entanglement, if we stiff comb my hair, not only pull scalp painful, hair is easy to bend, broken hair knot of the more severe suggests that our hair, the worse, So maintain hair repair damage hair qualitative appears very important.

So what can we do to maintain our hair so that we have beautiful black hair? Look below the method that a few maintain hair.
-Trimming your hair regularly and comb it properly
If our hair is not trimmed for a long time, the end of the hair will become very hairy and dry. Bifurcation is also increasing, and hair quality is getting worse and worse, so we must regularly trim the hair. Usually, every two months trimming the end of the hair can remove the bifurcation of the hair and make the hair look more smooth. In the selection of comb, we recommend that you choose peach comb. During the winter, your hair can produce static electricity.
Using a wood comb can effectively improve static electricity; a plastic comb will produce a lot of static electricity, leading to our hair is not convenient. Using a wood comb can reduce hair damage. In addition, after we wash the head, when the hair is still wet, we should choose a wide-tooth comb to reduce the damage to our hair. Because when your hair is wet, it is often messy. If you use a fine-tooth comb to comb your hair at this time, it is easy to pull your hair, damage your hair, and may also tear your scalp, so maintaining your hair is also very important in choosing a comb。

-Washing your hair regularly.
Cleanness is essential, and you want to wash commonly for 2 to 3 days. You also want to control the strength of suitable water temperature and shampoo when shampooing. Water temperature is too high can injure a hair, strength is too big can injure scalp, water temperature controls in 40 degrees or so commonly. Furthermore, a lot of people wash their hair, like to blow dry with a hair dryer, which is fast fast, but the damage to the hair is vast, the hair dryer will be very dry, but also very fluffy, want to make the hair longer and better, or natural air drying is better, which is also worth paying attention to the maintenance of the hair.

-Apply hair products
It is also essential to apply hair products to your daily care. For example, after washing hair, in hair root 1/3 place daub protects hair product, massage scalp slightly, promote hair to absorb nutrient, and reduce scalp to this protects hair product allergy degree at the same time.
-To pay attention to the daily care
Don’t tie your hair too tight. Use a rubber band like a telephone cord to tie your hair and reduce the number of perms you have. Because most hair dyes contain a large number of chemical components, these components are very harmful to the human body. After dyeing and perming, daily care is also critical.


Beauty Tips: How to control oil correctly? How to use loose powder for skin care?

Beauty Tips: How to control oil correctly? How to use loose powder for skin care?

Apply loose powder directly after applying lotion?
Yes, you can. However, as a rule, loose powder has a weak coverage effect and is mainly used after foundation or swept up with a sizeable, flexible powder brush at the end to set the makeup and make it last longer. Loose powder has the effect of absorbing excess oil from the face, so if you don’t want your skin to look too oily, use a flexible powder brush to apply a thin layer of loose powder. If you want to protect your skin from the sun, apply sunscreen after primary skincare and then loose powder. Loose powder is the last step in the whole makeup routine. Loose powder generally contains fine talcum powder, which absorbs excess oil on the face and reduces facial shine. It can adjust skin tone, make makeup more lasting, smooth and detailed, and prevent makeup from coming off. The last step of the makeup, brush the powder, which means the makeup is complete. In addition, the loose powder also covers up the blemishes on the face, making the makeup look softer, especially for daily life makeup. Therefore, the procedure of using loose powder to set the makeup is indispensable to make the makeup delicate and long-lasting. In addition, loose powder has another interpretation on the Internet, meaning scattered “fans”. When selecting a loose powder, use the puff to rub the powder on the back of the hand. If the phenomenon of floating powder does not fit well with the skin, the effect of setting the makeup is not very good. You can also take a little bit of loose powder with your thumb and index finger, pin it, and feel it. If the powder gently slips off in your fingers without remaining in the folds of your fingers, it means it has a delicate, light texture and good powder quality.

Can I use loose powder on my face directly without makeup?
It’s okay to put on sunscreen after primary skincare and then loose powder to relieve the greasy feeling of skin care products, but remember to remove your makeup later because the loose powder is a cosmetic product. If you want to add any steps in the middle, remember that flexible powder fixing is the last step, the sunscreen class should be ranked behind the loose powder. There is a specific oil control effect, the face will be a little less oil, but the loose powder is a makeup class, mainly used to set the makeup and oil control. The powder is used to set the makeup, first with isolation cream, then foundation, blush, and finally with loose powder to set the makeup. The BB cream is now famous and has the effect of isolation cream and foundation after using BB cream with loose powder. Priming and makeup removal are necessary; priming and makeup removal are both for the protection of the skin, priming is to isolate the damage of cosmetics on the skin, makeup removal is to keep cosmetics residue on the skin, how good cosmetics are harmful to the skin, can not let it stay on the skin overnight.
Why we need loose powder?
  • Makeup setting: Since the professional name of loose powder is “setting powder”, the leading role is to set the makeup. Sweeping on the setting powder can fix the makeup; cosmetics will not quickly shift or flake.
  • Smooth texture: When you sweep the powder on your skin, your sense of touch will tell you how smooth and friendly it is.
  • Oil control: Setting powder can absorb the oil on the surface so that the makeup remains shiny and can extend its durability of the makeup.
  • Finishing: When the colour of the makeup is uneven or uncoordinated, the powder plays a finishing role and can neutralize the uneven skin tone.
Three mistakes you may meet when applying loose powder
1. Using a puff to apply
Many girls apply loose powder and choose the puff to apply. It is straightforward to use drag to apply, dipped in a little loose powder, directly on the face. Therefore, when applying three parts, we should choose to use a loose powder brush to apply it. When using the flexible powder brush dipped in the appropriate amount, gently brush a few backs and forth so that the words out very evenly will not reach that, there is a place more another place less situation.
2. not in the correct order when applying
Loose powder must be applied in the correct order; there are many people in the application of loose powder, really all the makeup all done and then used. But at this time, the application of the painting on top of the eye shadow, on top of the eyebrows. So the makeup looks very awkward. And there is also the possibility of causing a floating powder situation. So when applying loose powder, the loose powder must use in the correct order, and when applying it, we have to go after the base makeup to apply the loose powder. This will be an excellent way to make the base makeup and cosmetics blend well.
3. use too white loose powder
There are few girls with dull skin, and they choose a darker-coloured loose powder at this time. But out of applying this too white loose powder, it is easy to make the whole makeup easier to take off. And after the too white loose powder is applied to the face, it will also look extraordinary, and the entire makeup is very awkward. So when choosing a trifle, choose a loose powder that suits you. When choosing one, choose a loose powder similar to your skin tone, and it will look better.
How important is it for men to make up? An experienced makeup artist will tell you the importance of makeup for men.

How important is it for men to make up? An experienced makeup artist will tell you the importance of makeup for men.

Talking about makeup, we usually think of girls’ makeup. There are a lot of boys who like to make up. After all, the heart of beauty everyone has, and boys will fully show the unique beauty of boys after making up.
As the public acceptance of beauty is higher and higher, now the Internet has a lot of male beauty makeup bloggers. They teach men how to use makeup in life to become more delicate, do not give a person the sense of feminine again at the same time, the essence of which is to make up the steps and makeup to distinguish somewhat with women while increasing your delicate facial degree, Don’t diminish your masculinity. Next, I will introduce the correct measures for boys to make up, hoping to help you.

Male makeup step:
Step 1, men’s foundation liquid
The choice of good suitable for their own men’s foundation liquid on the forehead, nose, cheek, and chin respectively point, and then use the finger abdomen to put the foundation liquid evenly gentle outward evenly pushed, as far as possible to let the foundation move to the most marginal position of the face, remember the ear and hairline position do not forget, the color difference is not significant. For some quiet places, you can use a triangular sponge puff to smear and cover up the flaws in these positions.
Step 2, cover defects
When men makeup, there is one thing to pay attention to, because many men have a beard, the color of the beard itself will make the surrounding color of the lips dull, so that the overall makeup looks not uniform. In this case, a darker glitter containing pearlescent particles can be applied to the beard area to further mask blemishes and brighten the skin tone.
Step 3, light foundation
Use light foundation, modify the prominent T position and mandible, and then use dark foundation on both cheeks and mandible Angle, which can create a three-dimensional effect that focuses on the vision, make T more full and straight, and restrain the face that is too wide. Still can pass the impact of use shadow, in addition, begin from the cheek of deep one your pink bottom, inclined brush toward the temple, outspread the position of the temple, hairline, the remaining pink on the meeting is on chin light sweep next, achieve elongate the effect of the face model.
Step 4, repair the details.
For some of the more severe acne and eye bags, the foundation is not a perfect cover; this time, we need to use men’s concealer to modify it. Choose a light-colored concealer for men and dab it on eye bags and pimples in a light-fingered way, allowing it to blend naturally with the surrounding foundation. Finish with a coat of loose powder for a man’s base.

How important is it for men to make up?
  • One of the essential reasons guys wear makeup is to make their skin look clean.
  • Makeup can also change the eyebrow shape of boys. Regarding temperament, neat eyebrows can bring people a different sense of reliability.
  • Makeup can also make features more defined: eyes enlarged, nose enlarged, face narrowed.
What kind of guy might need makeup? 
  • The stubble on his face was very noticeable.
  • The skin is not neat enough; there are dander, grease, acne marks, and other problems.
  • His lips were dark, and he looked sick.
Everyone has a heart of beauty; women hope to make themselves look more delicate and beautiful through makeup, and men should also have such rights. Men’s faces should never have been restricted to camouflage paint, nor should they be considered masculine only if they are rough. What do you think about men’s makeup?
What is ‘C in the morning, A at night’? After using it, I could not believe what I saw!

What is ‘C in the morning, A at night’? After using it, I could not believe what I saw!

C in the morning
C stands for Vitamin C. Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is a familiar ingredient in many skin care products. What does it do?

Antioxidants are not anti-oxygen but anti-free radicals. When our skin is disturbed by ultraviolet light and air pollution, it accelerates the production of free radicals, damaging our skin. As a reducing agent, vitamin C can combine with oxidizing free radicals to reduce the damage of free radicals to cells. It can say that he sacrificed himself for his teammates! Blocking melanin Production Our skin’s melanin is produced by a series of reactions involving tyrosine, the enzyme tyrosinase. It is known that melanin deposition causes our skin to become dull. Vitamin C disrupts melanin production by, for example, inhibiting tyrosinase activity so that less melanin is white.
A at night
The main ingredient in skin care products is Retinol (Retinol), while retinic acid is mainly added to medicines. A stands for Retinol. In the vitamin A family, there are Retinoic Acid, Retinaldehyde, Retinol, andRetinyl Palmitate; the closer to Retinoic Acid, the better the effect and the stronger the irritation. Vitamin A, as the skin care industry “all in all,” not only has an anti-aging effect but also can stimulate the synthesis of new collagen to reduce fine lines but also can accelerate the renewal of epidermal cells to acne; it can be described as an indispensable little helper on the road to skin care.

Why do we need ‘C in the morning, A at night’?
The biggest challenge our skin faces during the day is “photoaging” caused by ultraviolet light. Because ultraviolet radiation will let our body’s free radicals surge, many free radicals will attack the normal cells in our skin, causing cell damage and oxidation. Dullness, roughness, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and other problems can arise when the damage rate is faster than our skin can repair. So antioxidants are essential for daytime skin. Vitamin C is the perfect antioxidant, which can fight free radicals in real-time while helping brighten and whiten the skin.

During the day, the skin has to resist the pressure of the external environment and cooperate to make a variety of expressions, so there is not enough time and conditions to complete the repair. So at night, our skin finishes repairing itself, and that’s when a solid supporting role is needed. That’s where the VA acid comes in, which speeds up the cuticle metabolism and makes the epidermis more water-locked. It also controls tyrosinase and reduces melanin production. I insist on using, wait for a problem to fine grain, coarse and color spot can have apparent improvement effect.
It is essential to establish tolerance in novices.
Although ‘C in the morning, A at night’ is good, but want the skin to adapt to VC, VA. This kind of significant guy level of composition also needs A slowly tolerated process. There is a lot of high-concentration VC essence on the market, but the tolerance requirement for the skin is very high. If the skin is not thick, it is recommended to start with a low concentration and choose VC derivatives, which can be effective and also ensure mild and not hurt the skin. And use at the same time to do a strict sunscreen.
VA components are the same; Retinoic Acid is difficult to control, and direct use is likely to cause skin redness, peeling, pain, and other side effects. Therefore, skin care products use indirect ingredients, such as Retinol. These ingredients convert the skin into Retinoic Acid, which can also play an anti-aging role. Novices are advised to establish tolerance starting at 0.1% to 0.3% and increase concentration after five to six weeks of complete skin adaptation. Of course, use VA ingredients simultaneously to do excellent moisturizing.
However, it’s not for everyone, and the following people are advised not to try it yet.
  • People with impaired skin barrier
  • Cannot undertake strictly bask in
  • People who can’t stick it out for long
  • Pregnant people and pregnant women should not use
Finally, I want to tell you that ‘C in the morning, A at night’ is a kind of skin care collocation, but it is not necessary to follow this formula for skin care. Some people use the effect as okay; others are not suitable. It’s all about choosing the proper skincare regime for you.